Pastor Search Cover Letter

Dear Servant of Christ,

Thank you for your interest in serving Jesus as a Senior Pastor and for considering the flock of Grace Covenant Church as the body you shepherd. The packet of links below this letter is designed to introduce you to our church and its ministry and to give you information on the kind of pastor we are seeking.

The congregation at GCC is composed of believers of every age group from a wide variety of backgrounds who have come together because of their love for Christ, and their commitment to believing and living the Word of God as faithfully as possible. As stated in its constitution, GCC adheres to the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as the only rule of faith and practice and retains the Westminster Confession of Faith (using the 1788 American Revision with the exceptions noted in our Constitution) as an excellent, time-tested statement of the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith, to which its pastors and elders must subscribe. The purpose statement of GCC is as follows: “A body of Christ followers, seeking to glorify and enjoy God by reaching upward in grateful worship, inward to build up believers in the faith, and outward to our community with the life transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Our church is presently composed of 76 adult members, with 38 children under their care. In addition, we have a number of non-member families and individuals in frequent attendance. Depending on health, weather, and time of year factors, our Sunday morning attendance runs between 100 and 140. We are located in the small town of Litchfield, New Hampshire (population 8271 at last census), which is a bedroom community for both Manchester (population 110,000) and Nashua (population 90,000), the two largest cities in NH. Our church is less than a mile from the Manchester city line. Our church is located in an extremely needy area in terms of spiritual state. Only the state of Maine has a lower rate of church attendance than New Hampshire. The opioid epidemic has hit our state especially hard, has taken many young lives, and devastated many families.

In the links below, you will find a brief history of our congregation, a copy of our church constitution, and a detailed job description. We are asking our Chief Shepherd to provide us with a pastor who passionately loves the Lord Jesus, loves the Word of God, loves the Gospel, loves the sheep of our flock, and loves the lost around us for Jesus’ sake. Please prayerfully consider the linked documents and know that we are happy to answer any questions that arise as you read them. May the Living God be your guide and ours!

The Elders, Deacons, and Pastoral Search Committee of Grace Covenant Church