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The Hebrew word for magnify is ‘gadal’ and means “to grow up.” The author is saying we need to grow up into the goodness of God until the reality of His goodness becomes our joy and our strength. A post shared by Truth To Table (@truthtotable) on Nov 26, 2017 at 4:57pm PST

Sermon: The Christian’s Focus Continuing our series in Colossians, we’ve made it to Chapter 2! While chapter 1 focused on declaring the sufficiency of Christ, now we are seeing the specific outworking in a believer’s life who sees this truth. In this sermon, we’ll see first what you may have in Christ, then what you must do (walk … [Read more…]

You’re Invited to Grace!

We invite you to visit us this Sunday at 10:30 for worship. If you are able to watch online, we live broadcast on and Please excuse the changes to the site as we are moving from a 2010-era site to a more recent design!